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Did Fox Go Too Far With 'Dollhouse' Fan Site?
Publicity director tells site it's doing 'disservice' to the show
Source: Airlock Alpha

Fan sites tend to be populated with those who want to see a particular show or movie succeed. But it seems Fox network officials feel one site is actually doing the opposite, and hurting the recently renewed Joss Whedon series "Dollhouse."

"Clearing up your misperceptions of the show has become very time-consuming, and frankly takes away valuable time that could be spent actively marketing the series in the proper way," Fox publicity director Todd Adair said in an e-mail to the Dollverse Web site, which was posted on the site. "Moving forward, do not make any further announcements on your site regarding network scheduling unless you receive notification that scheduling is confirmed. You are doing a great disservice to the show and your own site."

Some have felt the Adair's tone was rather strong, but it might have contained some frustration he apparently had over a report Dollverse posted that Fox would be showing the episode "Epitaph One," an unaired episode of "Dollhouse" that was originally made not only to be included in a DVD release of Season 1, but also reportedly to show the network that "Dollhouse" could survive budget cuts without sacrificing quality.

"You also posted an incorrect airdate schedule for the remaining Season 1 episode stated as fact that 'Epitaph One' would air on May 15, then May 22 -- which was never announced by the network -- as we never licensed that episode for air," Adair wrote.

The Dollverse site, which says is not affiliated with the Fox network, wasn't very happy about receiving the letter.

"As far as I am aware, this is the first time a U.S. network has tried to exert specific editorial control over a fan site, and I think [it] deserves a debate," Dollverse said on its site. "As fans, do we want to hear news Fox wants us or approves us to report about a TV show we watch?"

It is unclear if Dollverse reported the "Epitaph One" story as a rumor through unnamed sources, or if it was indeed fact, as the site didn't include a link to the original story in its report. A request from Adair to comment on the story sent via e-mail early Tuesday afternoon is pending return.

"A publicity department's job is, in part, to create a positive flow of information about a show so there's a positive story to report," the Dollverse site said. "Not to suck the life out of it."

"Dollhouse" has been renewed for a second season, and is expected to return to Fridays next fall on Fox.


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