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AlphaBits: David Tennant Treks To Comic-Con
Source: Airlock Alpha

"Doctor Who" and "Torchwood" will be visiting San Diego Comic-Con in full force this year as BBC brings some of its top guns including actor David Tennant and showrunner Russell T. Davies.

Tennant and Davies will join executive producer Julie Gardner and director Euros Lyn for a special "Doctor Who" panel July 26 at 10 a.m. PT. On top of that, fans attending Comic-Con can visit the BBC booth in the dealers room and have their picture taken with a piece of the "Doctor Who" set.

"Torchwood" fans won't be left out. Davies and Gardner will stick around for a second panel beginning at 2:15 p.m. PT on Sunday that will include series star John Barrowman.

"Torchwood" will already have been back in both the United States and the United Kingdom by then, but there likely will be tons of questions on the fourth season of "Torchwood" which could be answered.

Don't have your Comic-Con tickets just yet? Sadly, you're out of luck. The entire convention is sold out. But you can read all about it as it happens on Airlock Alpha as we are sending a team of reporters to Comic-Con this year. We'll also be giving instant updates through Twitter. Just follow us at twitter.com/blipnetwork. And if you're not following Airlock Alpha yet, visit us on Twitter at twitter.com/airlockalpha. -- [BBC]
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David Tennant To Finish 'Doctor Who' Run On BBCA
Looks like the British cable channel finally outbid SciFi Channel in the U.S.
By MICHAEL HINMAN @ airlock alpha
Source: Variety

The final journey of David Tennant's "Doctor Who" will not get first air on SciFi Channel in the United States as it has in the past. Instead, the series of specials that made up the show's 2009 schedule will appear where one network executive said is its rightful home: BBC America.

"If I'd been here [during the previous four seasons], we wouldn't have sold it, to be quite honest," BBCA president Garth Ancier told Variety.

Although "Doctor Who" is aired in the United Kingdom on BBC, the American cable channel's parent, BBCA has to bid for all shows coming across the pond with everyone else. In past years, that bidding war has gone by way of SciFi Channel, which has already aired the first four seasons. This time, BBCA was in the driver's seat, and is expected to air the most recent Christmas special, "The Next Doctor," June 27 at 9 p.m. ET, with the Easter special, "Planet of the Dead," planned for July.

BBCA has been first to pick up one of the "Doctor Who" popular spinoffs "Torchwood," especially since its adult language content is more in-line with that network than SciFi. That won't change with this new deal, as the five-episode shortened third season of "Torchwood" is slated to launch in July, likely after "Planet of the Dead."

Three more specials are planned for "Doctor Who" in the United Kingdom, with one premiering in November, and a two-parter for Christmas. It's likely those episodes will air on BBCA sometime in early 2010, possibly as a way to kick off the fifth season of "Doctor Who" with new showrunner Steven Moffat on board as well as new series star Matt Smith.
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David Tennant To Visit 'Sarah Jane Adventures'
Yes, Virginia, 'Doctor Who' crossovers CAN go both ways
By MICHAEL HINMAN @ airlock alpha
Source: BBC

David Tennant may now be finished playing The Doctor in the popular BBC series "Doctor Who," but he's not quite done with an old companion of his predecessors, Sarah Jane Smith.

Tennant has signed on to appear in two episodes of the popular "Doctor Who" spinoff "Sarah Jane Adventures" playing, well, The Doctor.

"Viewers thought they may have to wait until November for the next full episode of 'Doctor Who,' but this is an extra special treat," said outgoing showrunner Russell T. Davies. "And it's not just a cameo from David. This is a full-on appearance for The Doctor as he and Sarah Jane face their biggest threat ever."

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The Doctor's New Companion?
Once again, producers look to past guest stars
By MICHAEL HINMAN @ airlock alpha
Source: BBC


Tennant is finishing out his run as The Doctor in a series of specials that continue in November, and end with a Christmas two-parter. BBC America announced earlier this week that it had won the American broadcast rights for the specials, taking over from SciFi Channel, which had aired the previous seasons.


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